Random Thoughts…

This post is for inspiration for those who are single mothers, hurt and just need something positive…

Life is what you make it. Don’t let your situation make you, hold you down or make you go to any extreme to look desperate or thirsty as I say. God puts you through test and situation for a reason. You can’t appreciate happiness until you’ve felt pain or misery. Know in your heart that the right man that GOD has created for you is out there. Set you standards high so that you don’t just get “any” man. You are beautiful and those kid(s) are blessings. Just because one boy crossed your path and mistreated you got you preggo and not doing his job means you must go out and be thirsty. Get you together. Get on your feet and take your life to the next level not only for you but those blessings HE’s blessed you with. I have something I want you to read that one of my friends I went to middle school with he’s so deep and words are so true:

“if Christ isn’t in the man’s life first, then she’s only going to end up surrounding herself in darkness which will cause her confusion, disappointment,misery, and furustration in her life but every man in Christ is not perfect either. Many fall down, but a true believer will guide his women in the right direction so he and she can grow together in Christ..Matthew Bennett..words so true.”

He’s dead on with this because not many guys can grasp this point that he’s made. I felt this was perfectly said and I respect it. I wanted to share his thoughts with you because if a MAN doesn’t have JESUS then honestly you should reconsider your relationship with him. Who and what you surround yourself determines as well as says alot about you, your character and it speaks to your values as well. Your heart is a treasure that you don’t let just anyone hold. There are so many females looking for love who have NEVER felt love. They don’t have a true father figure, they rely on a guy for assurance of themselves, choices in life and etc. Its sick honestly. You are your own woman with a brain to think and make your own choices. Know yourself, know your limits and most importantly know your heart. Smile as well, there are terrible days but you don’t look as pretty when your sad…SMILE. It helps ease the pain as well. I’ve been down plenty of times…smiling works. This is for empowerment for you. Its beautiful!



  1. Jennifer · April 6, 2011

    Not a mother, single or otherwise, but I LOVE your blog!
    This is awesome, please keep it up!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

    • dreya07 · April 6, 2011

      Thank You!!!! All is welcomed to read my blog…come again!

  2. Amber · May 5, 2011

    You got great points there, that’s why I always love checking out your blog.

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