Update {4.1.2011}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,


Hey it’s April woot woot! Spring is here and I wear dresses! Lol, I love dresses, skirts and shorts. But like usual I have much going on and I’m putting things into better perspective at this time for myself. This summer I’m trying to go to my family reunion in North Carolina, go back home to New York, visit my people in Mississippi and possibly do some road trips to different beaches. I just feel as if I deserve some kind of fun and break. So I’m stuck in a hard place because of course I need a job in my field and summer is right around the corner. This weekend I’m meeting with an important person who will kind of determine all of my plans this summer because its the internship I’ve been trying to do since she spoke at my school. I don’t want to go into too much details but I’m very excited about the opportunity. My focus has been on this internship since she said she had one. Finding interview clothing and etc is a head ache too. This process sucks, lol. I am hoping to work someone laid back and not too dress up because I’ll be behind a desk at a computer all day which is pretty exciting because right now I’m in retail dealing with crazy customers who can be just flat out disrespectful, rude and dumb. I just don’t understand people these days as a whole. But then again I’m not meant to understand everyone, lol so hey. I want to find a full-time job around September. For now I’m considering increasing hours at Wegmans and continuing my freelance projects which are fabulous I must say. I will be posting the projects on the website as soon as the products are printed and given to the customer. I am trying to gain more clients to get more income from my freelance because freelance can be good money and if I can tab into more money with freelance I can increase my experience as a graphic designer so we’ll see. Retail just needs to go some where. I’m happy to have a job but I’m at the edge, my dreams keeps talking to me.

Upcoming writing material is in the process as I said before I have many titles I’m anxious to write out the actual poems for. I can’t just write, it has to be hot for me to post. I will not post each poem because I am saving poems for my books. I post a few poems on here to get feedback and opinions. I am here to gain a fan base and get readers. But I’ve been writing alot more exotic pieces these days for my more mature folks. I keep my writings close to realistic as possible but my imagination gets the best of me as well when I’m writing so I’ll say about 20% could be imagination coming into play. Designing and writing are my key focus at this time to get my foot in the door. I’m planning on doing some heavy writing tomorrow with my manuscript. I can’t remember if I posted my propsal so I may post that again to get feedback. I have two but I don’t know which one I posted on my blog. I’m trying to post more monthly. It’s more easier now with my laptop! I ❤ my MacBook. Muah….I will be back soon….


Love, Peace and Honesty…



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