Update {3.28.2011}…

Hello my loves also known as my readers,

Man oh man! Feels as if I can never find time to do anything. I need to find more energy, my energy has been low for some reason and that’s no good! But last Wednesday I received my Bachelors of Science Visual Communications degree! It’s the most amazing feeling to say those words and feeling because you can reflect upon the late night, stressful and difficult times you came across the journey to getting such an significant paper that’ll open several oppurtunites in my life. I heard from the lady with the internship and so far so good. This weekend we’ll be meeting to discuss things and get to know each other. Very exciting! I’m still looking for a job in my field most definetly. It’s a battle because I don’t want to be in retail, that’s where my money is coming from at the moment besides my freelance work. But I don’t want to put my dreams on the back burner for my current job. I’ve worked so hard and I always said I will be in my field to make my dreams come true. I also just want to get my foot in the door, I feel it’s my time so I don’t want to increase my hours as of yet because enhancing my website is more important to me than becoming full-time in retail. If I must I add more hours but for now my focus is on my dreams.

Besides that I’ve been pretty happy…amazingly and excitingly happy. My natural journey has made me embrace my true beauty and new ideas. My heart is in a great place and I’m single, lol. I am a relationship kind of girl but I feel at this time in my life while I’m getting established I need to be single. But I have new material I’m working on which so far I’ve gottan great reviews of….Let’s Make Love, When I think About, His Body, Just Me and You. Those  I’m currently working on. But titles I’ve came up with are:

1. This is Me

2. True Beauty

3. Open Arms

4. Putting ME first

5. Good To Me

6. Wanna Be You Ectasy

7. Do You Mind?…

8. Relax

9. Is it the way

Some I am writing to feature in my grown &&. sexy book. This is for more of the mature adults who are on an more mature level and their imagination can be entertained. I love my imagination and my word play. I most definetly have an crave for sexual content because I do read Zane and honestly we are humans. It would be immature and untrue to say our hormones don’t sometimes get the best of us. I don’t get trashy or disrespectful I only do writings with class. From the reviews I’ve got thus far for my more more mature content, I am very excited about my exotic book. Stay tuned!…


So I’m looking for an job in my field and possibly doing an internship this summer! I’m hoping that I can do some traveling this summer because I do need some time to do what I want, rest and have some fun. I am looking forward this summer to going back home to New York, going back to Mississippi, going to my family reunion in North Carolina and going to the beach possibly. Traveling is something I love to do!…I hoping by next year and the year after I can expand my travels to the west coast and mideast to Chicago, I have to see my god babies! Going out of the country I would love to do as well. I always wanted to go to Europe,, Paris, Africa and etc…seeing other cultures to open my mind and see outside of the United States. I love the United States but there’s more to the earth than us, lol. My destiny is to touch people all over the world so I think it’s only respectful and smart to travel into different parts of the world.


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