Update {3.22.2011}…

Hello to my loves also known as my readers,

Well since I’ve ended classes and out of school…I walk in JUNE<3 but it feels like a weight off my shoulders! I can do more and live for a little while. I almost feel like a bumb lol but I’m not. I actually been making progress with my freelance work, my resume and just getting on top of my stuff as a designer. I been working still in retail AHHHH lol but I’ve been looking at different jobs in my field that have caught my eye and since I have customers who I am getting to know who care about me getting a job in my field I have two business cards with oppurtunities to get a job in my field. I’m blessed that’s all I can truly say at the end of the day. I can only pray that this internship comes through for me, the lady does event planning and I’m so excited about the oppurtunity. My career services lady has been helping me and I’m happy because I’m a newly graduate so the competition is fierce. Creating new projects, finding my style, keeping up with the trends far as designing and staying true to the myself are my motives. I’m living with my no regrets,  no sadness, excitement, joy and happiness. I can say that I hold no grudges, I hold no hurt in my heart towards nothing in my past, I’ve forgave any and everyone who has let me down or hurt me and just being true to who I am.

Far as my new material I’m so inspired by my big chop! I will be pushing buttons as usual, taking a look deeper within myself and trying to create conversation from my writing. There are so many other writers in this world, there has to be a certain something about my personal writing style, technique and thoughts to capture people’s eye. I try to write when its on my heart; not just because I’m forcing it. If it doesn’t feel for real, I won’t write. Some titles in my head are…This is me, True Beauty and Open Arms. Nothing written yet but soon. I want more creative juices flowing when I write to produce poems to last a lifetime. I don’t want people to think my poems are forced or for the moment. I’ve been writing for a very long time. This is the first time in my life I’m sharing thoughts, personal feelings and a deeper side of myself to the world. The book will feature my poems with my own explanations of each poem. In many situations in my past I’ve felt my side, feelings and thoughts weren’t allowed to be known. So my purpose of me writing this book will be to not only let my side be told but to encouage those in simular situations to do what their heart tells them, bring the best out of my readers and just be the leader/spokeswoman I’m aiming to be. I know this is going to be a very long journey. Not just my hair, my designing career, road to be a writer, spokeswoman and respected for the woman I’m motivated to become.

Last but not least…there’s a certain somebody I’m very happy he’s back in my life. Before we went into anything more than a friendship we were friends. I cherish you as my friend so before anything else I want you in my life as exactly that…my friend. BCJ. I’ve always put people first in my life. I’m at a point where I have to put Dreya first. I had to realize who truly cares, who knows me and who know’s my heart. Not only know my heart but respect it, loves it and it’s dear to them. It’s hard to find true friends and maintaining the friendship is even harder. But I know at this moment all focus is on my career(s) and enhancing my life in all aspects. Having a better and stronger relationship with GOD is something I’m trying to focus on as well. If GOD is not first in your life, it’s hard to see your blessings. Stay blessed, motivated and true to who you are folks!

Love, Peace &&. Honesty,




  1. Kevinia · March 23, 2011

    Very well put nicely written. Good post!

  2. Dreya · March 23, 2011

    Thanks Kevinia!!!….I’m trying to post more!…

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