Officially finding my identity<3 3.17.2011

MARCH 17th.2011

As of March 17th, 2011 I went natural and on my journey to find my true identity. I know this will be a long journey because I’ve been watching youtube videos and asking my friends who are already natural about their journey and I love the confidence level each individual holds. My decision to go natural came about because I was tired of my hair breaking on the sides and back. I went 6 months without a perm and my hair has grown so much without a perm so I decided what the heck why shouldn’t I go natural. It’s not as dramatic or scary people make it seem when you go natural. I did the BC also known as “the BIG CHOP”. I felt in my heart I was doing the right thing so I did it. My journey with my hair has always been crazy because I love doing different looks. Watching ladies on youtube has inspired me to just be strong. I feel very cleansed because its a new start. It’s important to eat right to be able to grow your hair and treat your body right. It’s hard to lose weight and I’m sure there will be days when I feel I want to just put my perm in. BUT I have tough skin and I love the results I’ve seen of sticking to the plan of going natural. It’s a personal choice to go natural. I have to find the right products and continue eating right for my hair to be healthy and strong! I’m so excited about my hair going natural. It feels amazing. It’s absolutely a movement that’s going on!

…natural beauty is the best beauty<3 Dreya


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