My loves also known as my readers,

So much going on in my life it’s hard to pen point my focus and what I’m concerned about because I’m concerned about it all. My main focus and concentrations is going into finding a job in my field. Second priority is to get more freelance work and hustle until I can get my name out their so I’m known as a designer and a writer. I began this blog because I’m pursuing this writing journey and I want as many people to know about my journey as possible. I’m nowhere near perfect but I want to spread my testimony to the world. I’ve touch many people’s lives which touches me because that’s all I truly want out of this journey; touch as many lives as possible. But I’ve been working since I was 15 and RETAIL SUCKS! Lol. I can’t stand retail, it makes me go crazy stepping into work. I’m at a point in my life where I just want to start pursuing my own dreams and personal accomplishments. I want to break so many sterotypes and barriers because I feel as a thick african american woman, we just don’t get the proper light we should. Not just being thick but a african american first! I look on TV and statistics about the african american community breaks my heart.

If I can save someone life or just boost their spirit, confidence, self-eestem or make someone SMILE I am pleased. I have been at so many low points in life where I didn’t have someone I’m willing to share my negatives within my life to build up someone out there who is worse off than I. I want to be the voice for a portion or small portion of the society who has no voice or not able to voice their opinion.

My poor book hasn’t made it past chapter 3. I know whenever time permits I will be doing alot more writing. I haven’t been able to write new material or anything. LIFE. But I am so anxious to write new material because I have so many fresh ideas. So many females get heartbroken but people and society forget that men get hurt and heartbroken too. So I want to write from that perspective as well in my poetry. Growth as a writer and designer means so much to me. The more life happens, the deeper my soul becomes and the more wiser I grow. I think growth is beautiful so I refuse to settle and try new things to get a new result. I know that the unknown can be scary but if you don’t push it to the limit…your limiting your life. Being as knowledgeable as I can be means the most to me. Ignoring ignorance and doing what I feel in my heart is right means more to me than someones opinion that don’t even know me. I’m hoping by the end of this week I’ll have an updated and full resume to send out to companies so I can then start my designer resume…CRAZY. Two resume’s. Smh. Besides my resume I want to write a few poems and new ideas. I’m a writer I must be creative. Stay tuned…more is coming…I’m posting more! Yay! Lol…

P.S….I’m going natural…another journey!…





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