My loves aka my readers,

So it’s the end of the term, AMEN. I am so drained from this class! And trust I’m still having difficulties uploading the actual presentation to the server. But outside of that I’m everywhere right now. Emotionally I’m just everywhere. Concerns about finding a job in my field and getting on top of everything gets tiring. BUT I know in order to get to the top you must put your best foot forward. I have an internship I’m very interested in doing, it’s with a event planner who spoke at my school so that I’m pretty excited. Getting experience is important to get under my bet. I haven’t been able to do much writing lately because I been going crazy with this class stuff and trying not to fail this class. I don’t fail any class so I’m going insane ya know? This past week has been an eye opener to my emotions. I realized I have emotions for someone I don’t wish to have emotions for because of the situation he’s in plus I think he’s on a whole different level from me. I’m on a good path that I am determined to stay on it because I know if I stay on this path, my dreams is that much closer to being my reality. But I have these emotions that I can’t define and me being an poet, realiest and person who can tell how she feels is scared of this not “defined” emotions. So this weekend I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how I feel about this individual to be able to either confront him or be at peace for myself.

Getting control over everything in my life is my goal because as I become established even more things will become more hectic. More money, more options, more problems and more stress that’s what comes with the lifestyle I’m trying to maintain. But I promise I will keep writing as my outlet to get how I feel out plus I always talk to my friends and family about what’s going on in my life. I got a dog named Cameron, not sure if I spoke upon him in my prior post. But he’s an yorkiepoo and he’s 14 weeks. Born November 26th and he’s adorable. But he’s my child lol and I love him very much. Next phases of my life consist of furthering my careers, love, possibly marriage and a family…(a kid). I don’t wish to have the Brady Bunch but I want one and the maximum two kids. I’m 22 years old and I believe I’m growing as well as maturing at a steady pace. It’s a great feeling to over come things and be able to talk about them freely. When you can talk about an ex and smile that’s beautiful. By the way happy birthday to my ex Alan Ventura, I know surprise surprise! But Alan is my ex not only my ex but my first everything. Details on him will be in my book, lol. Blogging seems to make me feel a little better after blogging!…..until next time loves….

Love, peace and honesty,


❤ Dreya


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