I’m just me.

God has made me the kind of person who genuinely care and love those who cross my path or come into an friendship, relations or relationship with an individual let it be male or female. My heart holds no negativity, I try to let that all go because its not in my DNA to be jealous, envy, rude or negative towards someone. I get a long with everyone and even if you dislike me I respect you because that’s just me. I don’t care if you dislike me you will respect me, that’s just how I feel. I’ve ran into so many situations where someone tries to play with my mind, heart, use me or just take advantage of my kindness. I’ve had people lie to me just to hold onto me as a friend but I can’t have that in me circle of friends. People don’t understand how I do it. I’ve been hurt more than I can believe. I love because it’s who I am. Love is apart of God and being human. Without love we are not the same. It’s natural to get hurt. Whether if you get back up and try again is all on you. People shy away from love after getting hurt, losing that loved one, getting cheated on and all kinds of situations. But me I refuse to give up on love, its in my blood and I know that with the foundation God has given me to give and show love towards so many in my life its destined someone fulfill the shoes of being my man.

I’m not afraid of who I am, who I desire to be, where I am at this moment or my flaws. I’m not perfect but through God’s eyes are the only eyes Im willing to please. I know wrong from right so from that I base my decisions. I have morals and goals so in my heart I know what I need. People try to persuade you and pull you towards the wrong direction with their beliefs but I rather be me. You go ahead sleep with who you want, go clubbing every weekend and be lost within yourself. I’m not knocking those who do them, go clubbing or anything because I’m a club kind of girl. BUT people don’t prioritize their life or make sacrifices to get things they supposedly want in life. It saddens my heart but its life. Then when something goes wrong or they feel they need change its like they go back to box 1. Be you, stay true to yourself and know what you want out of life. Do let material things make you, don’t let people take control of you and be #1 always in your life. Many girls let their “boyfriends” not HUSBAND become this HUGE part of their life then when something goes wrong they tend to lose themself. Knowing who you are prior to the relation, maintaing that “me time” and giving each other space helps with the whole losing yourself into someone else thing. It’s a hurtful situation when you get burnt and you don’t know where to go from that point once an individual decides they’re not happy, not satisfied or just grew apart from you. I’ve learned alot from my two serious relationships. I’m grateful for this time RIGHT NOW to regroup from my last relationship because I fell deep and although I didn’t lose myself, I got hurt. I still love him because he got me through so many things while we were close. He has a amazing heart that I wish he never change and I will always look to him as my friend “BCJ”. But this is me and I ❤ me…

❤ Dreya

Love, Peace and Honesty





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