Update {2.24.2011}…

Hello world,

Many may notice I’m blogging more than before which I’m loving because I want to get into an routine of updating my writing and blogs almost everyday. But I’m just opening my eyes up to situations for what they truly are and trying to subtract those who have caused nothing but harm towards me. Which is hard because I care easily about people who have been in my life for more than a year or so. But time span or history of an relationship has nothing to do with happiness or what’s healthy for an individual. Nothing is forever and its a hard pill to swallow but I rather deal with the pain now than suffer later down the road when I knew someone wasn’t good for me from the start. But nothing to drastic tonight, just an quick update because this blogging is becoming therapeutic and fun. Hopefully this weekend I can get to my manuscript because I’m ready to get book one completed.

Love, Peace &&. Honesty,


❤ Dreya


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