Everything is happening so fast with life at this moment. I’m always humbled by who’s placed in my life let it be for positive or negative reasons. I try to learn something from each situation to remain humbled. Graduating so soon has me a little bit of everything because this is life that’s happening. I know what I want in life and making it happen is what I’m in pursuit of because my biggest fear is failure and being alone. I’m anxious, excited, scared and concerned about where things are headed with my life and careers. I think it’s only natural to feel this way because this is a huge part in my life that’s going on. The biggest thing I am focused on is my legacy. I don’t just want to maintain by living. I want to make impacts on lives because not everyone can say “I’m living my dream” or have a legacy left behind when it’s all said and done. Watching how Aaliyah passed, Michael Jackson, my cousin Elaine, my aunt Nadine and recently Tj Siyah Williams just made me reflect upon my own life and where its headed in my perspective. I know God has a plan already and HE knows my destiny but at the same time I’m just an motivated individual who wants to go places and leave a mark on this thing called “life”.

Yesterday I was asked about being a guest speaker at my school for new students enrolled to start next term. It’s an honor to be asked and I will take it up to inspire others to make their dreams come true. That’s what I want is to be an spokeswoman for a positive reason so I will be speaking at my school. I always wanted to motivate girl especially young girls to live out their dreams no matter the race they are because race doesn’t matter. I want the african american community to stop putting each other down and embrace who we are whether dark or light skin because we are one regardless how you look at it. We as a society need to look at ourselves and stop being so harsh, judgemental and cruel. I love the fact that I am inspiring people through my words and my actions. I’m beginning to realize my dream has already began to come true. It’s exactly what I want. I’m on the road to my dreams coming true and I have a very long road ahead of myself. But as I’m pushing and hustling my way to the top I’m inspiring others, which is beautiful.

To those contemplating with love. Love is not easy. Its a process. You win some and you lose some. If you love someone let them know as I said before. Pray about your situation because when prayers go up BLESSINGS come down. Just don’t give up on love. As many times I’ve been screwed up by love I know theirs love somewhere out there. Im not sure who or when it’s coming but I know love comes in due time. You can’t expect things to come easy because all the sudden your “trying” to make something work or you “want” that person. Hurting someone is big. Their emotions were played with and damaged because of your actions, words, betrayal and etc. Relationships aren’t what they use to be. Love doesn’t hold the meaning it use to hold. Hearts aren’t being held the ways that they use to be held. I want that old school love that held meaning and “for better or for worst” held water. I watch couples like my parents, the Obama’s, Jay and B, Will and Jada and I just smile because they’re making it work. With the work load and schedules that these couples endure I know that love is still alive. You just can’t give up on it and if someone is not showing you “REAL LOVE”…what are you doing in the relationship? Is your relationship healthy? Has it been years and still no change? Don’t wait 10 or 20 years from now to realize you’ve wasted you life trying to prove yourself to someone who can’t see you love them. And don’t wait until that someone moves on to fight for them. Take advantage of an situation at that time and make love work because that’s what love is.

Just some thoughts in my mind….


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