Ever since you left me 5 years ago

Me and love hasn’t been the same

It’s almost like love isn’t real

I’ve been fighting for the love I deserve

But now the fight is beginning to wear off

My heart is not the same

My heart is hurt

My heart just wants to let love go


How is it possible when that’s all I know?

I’m surrounded with love

I’m most passionate about love

But love doesn’t love me

I just know love is what I deserve

But I just don’t want any kind of love…


True love

Love so pure; you can’t lie

Love so true my heart is yours

Love so real you can’t live without it

So I don’t deserve any kind of love

It hurts when love makes me feel good

I’m so lovable; you’d think any guy would


I thank you for introducing me to beautiful

I thank you for being there in my time of need

You opened another part to my heart called love

Your where love started for me

Love is not easy for me

Thanks for letting me know love is not free

Love is earned and respected

It took me sometime to see

But I know now, I finally can love me…


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  1. click here · March 18, 2011

    it seems quite trivial to expect

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