Look Into Your Eyes.






It’s all in your eyes


You try to hide it all behind those eyes

When I look into them

I see it all

The dark black pupil shows your pain

The sadness in your voice I hear your alert


I’m not ever leaving your side

Put aside your pride

I told you I’m down; from the start

That all comes from my heart; it all happens when  look into your eyes



This is a new poem, something slight. I like it because it talks about staying by someone’s side when they need you no matter how stubborn, hurt or whatever the situation at hand is. Relationships and even marriage is hard work. Working together to make a situation work is what it’s all about. It’s so easy to walk away from situations these days and it’s a challenge to stay where your at. Then after you lose that someone you regret leaving, beg to get them back and etc but if your just know what the WORTH of your relationship is at the beginning then you won’t have to think about cheating, leaving or hurting the person your involved with. It’s so many females hurt these days and even guys because they come across bastards and someone who never deserved the loyalty that was put forth. That’s why I say if someone is mistreating you, leave them and if it’s communication that’s wrong in the relationship, work it out. If someone can tolerate you stupidity, immaturity, craziness and childish acts because they love you then think twice about leaving or CHEATING. Good and HEALTHY relationships are hard to find and fighting for it is all worth it when it’s real true love. Don’t listen to negativity people talk, just know what you have.


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