2.21.2011 {Update}…

Hello world!,

Seems like everyday something new is going on in my life but it’s always something that’s positive or makes me laugh, think or enhance , my life in some form. But its the end of the term and I’m going crazy with school at this point. It’s truly crunch time for me! I have so many new poem ides goin on in my head but yet to be written on paper. Not only as a woman I wish to grow but as I writer and designer. I’m a triple threat on I must be sharp on all my stuff. I want to be known and established in all three of my passions and careers in life. I’m graduating in May so that’s truly exciting and mind blowing too because time has just gone so fast. My life has changed so much within weeks, days and years. Anything can happen within 24 hours or even a span of 10 minuets. One thing I want my readers to do is let everyone in your life who you LOVE or even CARE about know you do. Life is not guaranteed to none and it’s shorter than you think or know of. So be there when you can and don’t waste time to those who don’t treat you the way you should. Don’t waste your time on a “place holder” or “back up” in your life just to get over someone else who has hurt you because it’s not right. But the book is still in the makings. Like I said school kicking my booty! But now that I have a laptop I’m able to have access to everything I need to make the proper moves to get where I need to be in my careers.

Not only being in my field of study or in something that I’m passionate about important to me but loving what I do is a big part of my goal in my next job. I don’t want to tolerate a job, life needs to be joyful and I can’t settle for anything when I have a degree and Im full of life, love and GOD given talents. Finding a job is my first priority right now and I’m looking into internships, BET has an internship that I’m interested in right here in DC. So that’s a good look…looking into seriously joining that family that I grew up with everyday, even Sundays watching the Gospel videos and choirs singing. I ❤ BET. So yeah internships and jobs are in my agenda at the moment. I have many projects going on with freelance. Next week school will be a wrap for me, crazy. So I will be working like crazy on my freelance projects, website, business stuff, portfolio and my book like crazy because I’m trying to do more this summer and by 2012 I want a life change. Dramatic lifestyle change so Dreya is going through a “transformation” to become the woman I see myself blossoming into everything from my outside, inside and habits I’m changing. Change is good and I’m taking full advantage of it.

My BCJ who some know who that is, I miss like crazy. We haven’t been on good terms since last summer. When someone introduces love to you again and brightens your heart up it’s an amazing feeling. Learning to not fall as hard and like hard so quick is what I’m currently doing. Working on me firtst to get “Mr. Right”. I don’t want to jump relationship to relationship. I’m not looking either because looking gets you in trouble. But I do miss my BCJ and I’ll always care about him. Life is full of curve balls. I’m just rolling with them. Below is a picture of New York I found, that I love. I miss home! I love NY. I don’t wish to move back because the cost of living is sky high but I most definetly will be visiting more once I’m established and making moves. I love New York. I’m a city girl at heart! No matter how country I may sound now lol, I was born in NEW YORKKKK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have one or two poems that WILL BE POSTED! Enjoy!

Love, Peace and Honesty…

❤ Dreya



  1. Devin · February 21, 2011

    This is great sis! You inspire me everyday! One day I’m going to start a blog maybe when I’m done with school : 0

    Love You

  2. Devin · February 21, 2011

    You inspire me everyday! One day I’m going to start a blog maybe when I’m done with school : 0

    Love You

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