Update. {2.13.2011}

Hey readers,

Soooooooo I’m truly siced because my prayer and wish has came true, I finally now have a laptop. Not only is it my laptop but it’s an Macbook Pro 15″ that I’ve saved up for and hustled for. My heart and pride needed this bad boy. Now I can focus on what needs to be done and invest in my career(s) the way I need too. This laptop is the best laptop I’ve ever had, I’ve had two laptops previous to this my Mac but I love my Mac. Lol, besides my Mac, I now have a son aka my baby boy Cameron Blaze Crudup who is my puppy (Yorkiepoo) he’s adorable. We love him already! But things are falling into place and I have no complaints. I won’t lie I miss someone who is dear to me but we’re not really on talking terms so I’m maintaining to focus. The online class is still going. My site is not loading correctly when I preview it on my Mac but then when I preview it on my PC it’s fine so I’m not sure what it is. Dreamweaver and I have a love hate relationship! Outside of the class I’m looking for a job in the graphic design field. Crazy. I’m starting my design resume because as a designer I need two resume’s, crazy. So I’m pretty busy. Besides that I’m working on three different freelance jobs. I’m pretty excited to one day make it someone. I’m trying to work on my manuscript this week because I want to focus on my writing more it’s dear to my heart. Writing allows me to go into my deepest emotions and express what’s inside, truly. No one can take my words and thoughts away. I can be rude, sexy, sassy, smart, wise, crazy or gentle all in my writings. It’s an emotional rollercoaster thought writing the manuscript so going back into that mode will be interesting because these are things that happened years ago! But I can say it’s made me a stronger person and I’m much better today.



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