Update {February 2}…

Hello my lovely readers!!!!!,

    I’m trying to get into the swing of updating my blogs twice or three times a month! I’m hoping to update weekly and gain readers. I’m making moves slowly. School is going slowly. Still having difficulties now on the design side because I don’t like creating websites at all because it’s too much. The coding just confuses me and it’s been a very long time since I’ve done one. But I’ll make way. But I’m feeling blessed because God has heard my cry and has blessed me. I’m here to say long as you don’t give up on God he’ll make a way for you. I’m trying to get away from any kind of fear. Fear can hold you back on life and oppurtunities so I am trying to just break it. Doing things to live because just because your actually living day to day doesn’t exactly mean your living. I want to break records and do things people wouldn’t image me doing. I’m trying to do the unexpected and live without regrets. I’ve chosen to cut people out of my life who don’t deserve to be in it. I’ve also decided to forgive those who have done any kind of wrong to me and keep it moving because I know where I’m trying to go and I don’t have time to accomidate anyone because life is too short. I know who loves me and I will love them even harder anyone outside of that oh well. People are not who you think they are, people are heartless and selfish. I’m trying to become a better Shadreya and a grown woman. I’m blossoming and I see what it takes to be a woman. I’m not ashamed to say I’m not a grown woman because I’m in the making. God is working on me and he’s working with me. I’m trying not to miss out on any kind of blessings he’s giving me because we tend to lose out on things God is giving us because it’s not what we want or think we don’t deserve it. Well I know what I deserve and I know that I can do all things as long as God is by my side. I’ve had my hard times and I’m trying to LIVE!!!!!! I must take chances and make changes along this journey called life. Those who judge me that’s on them, I can’t change how you percieve me. But I have a few poems I will be posting and I have some seperate material in the works because I want to write a grown and sexy book that I talked about previous last month. But stay tuned and keep my in your prayers!!!

❤ Dreya

Love, Peace and Honesty…


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