Focused. {update jan 21st}

This week I’ve been brainstorming hardcore of my exact goals of 2011. I’m not one to give up on what I desire and know what I can do so I have this HUGE gut feeling this is my year regardless of how people feel because it’s an cliche I just know it is. I feel different this time around and in mysterious way I can feel GOD working his magic. I’m taking full advantage of any oppurtunities to pursue my writing and design skills. We are into week 3 for my online class which is going kind of side ways due to the fact that I’m having technical difficulties. So I will be going on campus to get that one on one help, lol. But besides that I’m sick trying to gain back my stength because I feel so unproductive while DRIVES ME CRAZY! But I wrote down some new poem ideas and I got a new short story going on which will be my second one for my “Grown and Sexy” crowd. I’m letting go many habits of mine because their no good for me. I’m trying step out on faith you can say in 2011 and getting “SHADREYA” right. Shutting down all negativity and listening to that inner voice and intuition GOD gave me that tells me “your somebody” all the time. I have alot of supporters and people telling me “your going to be big one day” and I just want to take those words and act upon it. I’m very humble and I don’t want to be cocky and flaunt it because as quick as you rise can be just as fast as you fall back down so I know GOD is going to put me through some trials and ALOT OF WORK to get to the level of success. My manuscript is in the process still I’m on chpater 3 going into chapter 4 I believe. Starting school has delayed me working on the manuscript because I have to devotemy time into doing my portfolio. It’s a wonderful feeling to know there are so many people who loves me, support me and want this book. People are always asking about it and for myself I’m finishing this manuscript. By the end of 2011 I want a book deal. Design and writing are my main focus this year. Full force. No excuses and nothing less thanmy best. I will say “I’m living my dreams and doing what I love” one day…..that one day I’m praying is sooner rather than later. Muah night night folks.

❤ Dreya

Love, Peace and Honesty


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  1. PXStevey · January 26, 2011

    Hi, I’m new I would like to welcome all… 🙂

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