Thank You’s.

Thank You…

I wanted to take sometime out to say thank you to my  amazing support sytem I have. I’ve been blessed with so many models in my life who I look up too both people I deal with on a daily basis to celebrities who I’ve never met, lol. But if it wasn’t for the almighty Jesus who gave me my talents I wouldn’t be in this position that I’m in to express these talents with the world. I must say thank you to him first! Secondly the reason I ever began writing was Ms. April back when I wasn’t always abel to communicate certain things to my mother I wrote her letters and that idea came from a woman I love dearly named Ms. April! An old neighbor who has grown to be so much more in my life, I love her soooooooooooooo much! She brings me courage to do what I love, amazing woman as well. My parents who encourage me to do what I love I couldn’t get the motivation. I have a small circle of close friends that I talk to everyday! They know me at my best and at my worst. Blood, sweat or tears they have seen me through anything and I’ve been friends with these ladies for years now. My two best friends Talia and Devin. WOW! You two ladies honestly don’t know how much you mean to me! You both inspire me and when I feel like the worst person in the world you some how know how to pick my spirits up to make me feel like that postitive girl that I truly am! Natalia aka my Tay just recently you’ve expresed to me how my writing has inspired you; words like that touch my heart and it’s the reason why I do what I do as well as how I am. Devin, I feel like out of everyone in this world you know my heart best because we’re one in the same. We share the same tears and we’ve had so many conversations where I’m balling and you’ve helped me in countless situations! I love it. Bolade, along with Devin you inspired the whole book(s) idea so you mean much too with all of this. Octavia, Adrina, Ashley R, Amber, Kevinia B and my newest love Kenetra! You girls are my stick girls and I love you fearlessly and you inspire me each of you in your own ways!

Mrs. Lorri Powell-Smith (Devin’s Mom)- You helped me start this process with the book. I remember us on the phone and computer on google looking at different companies! I’ll be calling and texting you once this manuscript is done. Your intellegence amazes me and you inspire me too. Your daughter is my sister and your an mother figure to me so I hold your family close to me heart! You and the girls makes me have a great time everytime I visit! Can’t wait to come over….DEVIN COME HOMEEEEEE, lol!

Aunt Ruby- I never knew I influenced you so much! Talking to you two weeks ago truly inspired me EVEN MORE! I know you read my blogs so I had to put this in here. Finding the rest of the Crudup’s was the best thing that ever happened to us. I always wanted family and cousins to be close with! With the Crudup’s I’ve found what I’ve always prayed for and I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! My little cousins I miss them! In their own little ways they as well inspire me to keep going. The meaning of family flows through my body and the love, support and words of wisdom I hear from you guys touches my heart. I feel like you all understand me which is all I ever asked for with my writings because in life I’m so misunderstood and judged. I love the Crudup’s! THis goes for everyone of the CRUDUP’s you Aunt Ruby, Grandma Crudup, Stephanie, De’Andre, Za’miyah, Alexus, Bryan (and his fam), Lashuan, Carisma, Fernando, Shanice, Mel Mel, Ronique (and his fam), JaWaan, LIZZY and the others I havent met LOL! I’m so excited to see what the future holds! Cousin Elaine is truly missed but never forgottan! We miss her and love her!

Aunt Elaine- WOW. You told you can see I’m more intuned with who I am and that you can’t wait for me to make it big. Your words made me melt. You were the first one to tell me I have  a shot and that you believe in me. The love that you show me is so real, compassionate and the truth. You as the woman you are to this day inspires me because of your strength. as well as your love for JESUS. I feel like your that older person I can call regardless if I’m wrong or right and I know that you’ll listen to me crying and all! Thank you for your support it’s more than appreciated it keeps me humble! I love you.

Mrs. Martz- Your one of my favorite teachers from my college experience and you noticed in your english class I had a talent for writing. A few months ago I remember you told me “The world is not ready for you” and they’re not but I’m getting myself together and I will admitt I was nervous about letting you read my poetry but you said “You truly have a talent for writing and you haven’t had any classes ot nothing”, I promise you it’s all a God given talent. You recongizing my talent and you being the most multi-talented, most degree having lol and brillant woman I know stamping approval really made me feel official. You have amazing teaching skills and I was honored to be one of your favorite students! COME BACKKKKK! Pick up a copy when I get my deal, lol!


I couldn’t be at this point that I am with my writing and MY LIFE without you guys, I wanted this to be known! I love you all and never stop trying you never know what it will lead too.

❤ Dreya

Love, Peace and Honesty….



  1. Vanessa Goodfriend · January 17, 2011

    Hi Dreya,

    Beautiful poetry, you are very talented!

    I work in affiliation with Westwood College and I wanted to reach out to you about your blog. Please email me at

    Thank you,

  2. Tay · January 18, 2011

    Yu kno I don’t write much but I love yu for yu & don’t yu ever change for anyone! I am yur supporter a.k.a groupie. Lls. I love yur writing! Keep it goin mama… Yu inspire not just me but I bet many.

  3. Kevinia · January 18, 2011

    Thank you, I enjoy your writing keep it up. 🙂

  4. Octavia · January 18, 2011

    awwww dre-dre!!!! you do have a great support system.. EVERYONE LOVES YOU and is proud of you

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