Book Propsal #2

As many of you know I’m in the process of writing my book. I’ve written a few propsals but I think I’m going to go with this propsal for my book. Let me know what you think! Please give me feedback, I love to know what you think! Let’s gooooo:

Propsal For Book #2

Many times I’ve felt the world or should I say our  “society” looks at my breed differently. I say “breed” because I’m an african american plus size woman. On top of that I’m dark skin. Many are judgemental and makes the slightest judgement without getting to truly know who I am. Well take a step into my world. Where it’s the no judgement zone and honesty is respected. Living in a fairytale is not an option because life won’t allow it. Reality sets in, love is hard to find and “enemies” are looking at your every move. Through my eyes I’m telling you what I see from a realiest perspective. It’s tough but somebody has to say it, life is not all peaches and cream. Took me awhile to realize that but once you graduate, life has a way of waking you up ( it’s not always pretty). Everyday it’s a struggle physically, emotionally and mentally. But you have to balance it, that’s how I differiate from the rest. I have the average girl issues and worries but I keep it moving. I’m a Diva, this is my side of the story, my perspective and your reading it through your eyes but I’m telling it through mine.


I was actually on my way to Mississippi when I wrote this propsal and I was feeling so good about life as I am at this time in my life. This propsal I know I’ll end up changing again and again before sending it out to different companies for a final look at. But I love this propsal because it straight to the point and it’s the truth. I want to keep people interested for more to come for what’s inside the book itself. It’s poetry so I don’t want people to think its boring because people think automatically poetry is boring so reading this propsal I want people to get an glimpse into my world and ready to dive right on in.


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