Heyyyyyyyy my readers!

     It’s the second week into the new year going into the third, CRAZY! I’ve began my final term at Westwood College and it’s crazy already. It’s an online class so I’m losing my mind because I have to wait for a teachers response which bugs my nerves terribly because we’re creativing a website with our work which I will be posting on here so that my readers can look into my creative design work that I’m always talking about.  I have a few freelance jobs I have going along side school so yes keep the prayers coming I need them! Thanks in advance. But let’s see I am in a space right now where I’m going hard core with everything in my life. I’m stressed because expectations are incrediably high only because I have an expectation for myself that I carry deep to my heart. I know the lifestyle I wish to live and I’m determined to succeed at what I do so I’m hungry for a change. I’m on the journey in life and I only live once so I’m trying to experience all that I can. I’ve cut ties with a few people who aren’t doing any good in my life. It’s important to me as a female and as a person who is very postive to move forward. I desire the good things in life and I want people to see who I truly am at all times which is a positive and out going young lady who loves to inspire and make people laugh! I turned 22 this past January 9th, 2011. I’m blessed to see 22 years of life and I’m ready to change my life on EVERY level. My goals are personal goals that I’ve paid close attention to for awhile now and I’ve realized now is the time to kick them into high gear. Yesterday was my favorite singers birthday Ms. Aaliyah Dana Haughton who died August 25th, 2001, her soul is missed and I loved her voice so much, I cried three months straight after she passed. I was into Aaliyah’s music very heavy when she passed and I was studying her style because I sing myself. I love her voice I can’t say it enough but I love her. I have new material which I’m working on. I have alot of poetry titles which are heavy topics then I have some inspiartional words coming as well. In a time where jobs are low and motivation is as well I want to lift spirits. But besides this I’m getting into an more intimate state as well as sexual for all my “grown and sexy” crowd. I am focusing on making an book seperate just for that crowd. I’m working with my imagination and real life situations too. Life throws many curves so it will show within my writings. I just wanted to update my reader and let you know I’m thinking of my writings everyday. Keep motivation, life is worth living and GOD won’t give you more than you can handle.

Upcoming poem titles: (Not all will be posted)

Let Him Go

Eyes Wide Open

Pay Respects (Dedicated To You)

Forgive (For you, not for them)

Moving Forward


One comment

  1. Kevinia · January 18, 2011

    Keep working hard it will pay of later.

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