Private Cry

It’s hard trying always to be strong

Holding in every curve ball life throws

Everyone see’s a smiling face

But at night they don’t see the tears streaming down my face

I’m here to tell you; let out that private cry


The man you thought you knew

He’s changed up and has become someone new

Doesn’t care like he use too

He doesn’t love you how he did

Instead of him holding you now at night, your holding yourself shedding those tears


He or she is touching you in the wrong places

Afraid of people knowing and judging you

This person is in your family, your afraid people won’t believe you

Everytime they pass you tense up

All you want to do is run to a corner to cry


After 30 years of working at this company

They’re telling you they’re doing away with your department

In 30 days they’re telliing you, we’re laying you off

You hold your tongue

You get home the tears begun


Your a victim of rape

Every man that passes you; your body tenses

Everyday you cover yourself

Praying  and wishing your invisible

The one thing that’s sacret to you is no longer yours to give, as you lay your head there flow the tears


As humans our hearts gets heavy

The daily load becomes too much to carry

You must release the pain

To be able to become a better you

Forgive them, take a deep breath and have your private cry


When I wrote this I thought about all my private cried then I thought about lifes hardships. Then I saw “For Colored Girls” around this time as well. There’s so much in this world that’s wrong, I just feel we should have a moment to let the anger, frustration and hurt go. Everyone needs a private cry!…


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