Alive Again

Every so often we get in that lazy mode

We seem to move so slow

This past year I’ve seen so much

A few deaths has my soul touched

Life is crazy

That’s why I love the way I do, good or bad

That’s who I am


These past few weeks I’ve been feeling GOD

He’s telling me it’s my time

My blessings are waiting

Any fear I should have no more

Long as he’s first, who should I fear?

There’s nothing I can’t do

I got points to prove and doubts to shut down


I have a fragile heart

I believe that’s why I’m so cautious

But the Diva in me is so fearless

It’s ready to unleash all I got

People have done me so wrong for far too long

I’m not an average girl

So I won’t let you close to me


Experiencing and enduring the pains that I have

There’s only ONE person who has carried me through

That’s God, he’s very much alive!

I’ve found my purpose through HIM showing me life

I’ve crossed paths with the most cold hearted, selfish, back stabbing and ignorant individuals alive

What else is there?

I’m ready to live my life….


I’m turning 22

I feel a blessing coming because I’ve experienced so many storms

Tears I’ve cried I know there’s more to come but they serve a purpose

With each tear comes a lesson

I’m young but I’m still learning everyday

But God is working on me and I feel it in my spirit…

For the first time in a long time I feel alive again




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