1.2.2011 [Update]

Hey Readers,


                  It’s crazy because 2010 went by so fast! Two days into the new year and it’s already crazy! I didn’t do too much for the New Year because I had to work the next day but I chilled with fam! That’s always a blast. But let’s see…I’m really anxious and excited about the new year because it’s going to be a big year I can feel it. I’ve been working heavy on new material and I been adding onto my manuscript as well. It’s hard to do a manuscript, I want this book to flow smooth and be as genuine felt as possible. My poems are genuine and I want my book to flow just like my poems. I’m trying to get the manscript done to be able to look into different companies to pursue a book deal. Being a writer has changed how I view life. Why? Because I’m the creator and I know where I want to take my journey. It feels amazing because I’m trying to push for something positive and make a difference in life. I want to affect everyone around me and anyone who reads my work. Hitting an nerve and provoking emotions is what makes people feel and think. So I want to take my writing to the highest level I can possible take it. Maybe turn a book into a big film? Maybe? It’s a thought. But I want to take some time out to shout out someone I knew through two friends of mine (Octavia and Ana) Tj Siyah Williams. Just recently he took his life and he passed away. I didn’t know him personally but through both Octavia and Ana I got to meet Tj. It truly sadden my heart that Tj took his life. He was very very VERY talented. Tear were flowing when I found out because getting to the point where you don’t want to see the next day is a dark place. Whatever Tj reasoning is, all I have to say is…R.I.P. Through his words I found admiration because in so many ways they way he felt I do too. I know Tj loved his mom truly so I know he’s in a better place smiling because here on earth his glue and heart was gone which was his mother. For those reading please take concern in those around you lives. You NEVER know what’s going on in thwir loves. Just hearing the words “I love you” can make someone happy and feel wanted. It’s the small things in life that matter the most and it’s not until their gone we miss them. Over the holidays I couldn’t stop thinking about Tj, cousin Elaine, Aunt Nadine and my cousin Derrick because they’re no longer here with us. I miss my aunt Nadine ALOT. I miss telling her how my day was and spending time with her. In a way I feel like that’s why I gotta make this year count, it’s 2011. Tomorrow, the day after that or even the year to come IS NOT PROMISED. I must live life to the fullest.

In 2011, I’m graduating in MAY with my bachelors degree in Visual Communication and I’m looking to get my foot in the door with all of my careers. I’m trying to be fearless and face all my fears. I’m trying to let go of those who are weighing me down and getting all my negativity out of my life. My tolerance level is still low because my life is very peaceful and dealing with the drama is no more. Three years ago I let go that crazy, stressful, drama filled and HEADACHE life of DRAMA. Anyone not worth my time I’ve let go and I’m honest with everyone in my life. I can’t hold in how I feel, I can’t deny my true feelings and I can’t tolerate bs. My life is a crazy rollercoaster that is a blessing because I have so many positive role models, people and amazing support system who holds me up. I have the best family and crew you can ask for. I am posting a few new poems after this update so keep reading……let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.



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