You Don’t Deserve [SEPTEMBER 8, 2010]

You Don’t Deserve

Verbal, physical or mential abuse

It’s all wrong point, blank and period

Love is not when someone raises their hand at you

Love is NOT when one MUST belittle you


Real love doesn’t hurt, recognize


That black eye that keeps reoccuring

Won’t go away on its own

The situation will only get worse by the day

And crying the pain away is not the remedy

You are strong enough to leave, I hope you see


Taking him back everytime he lies, cheat and do wrong

It’s called an unhealthy cycle

Your heart is torn and worn out

STOP, letting him in and out

There’s more fish in the sea


Let you be the answer to your happiness

A man or woman is NOT the key to your happiness

Leave that UNHEALTHY situation

Someone out there is waiting for your testimony

Your experience can break a cycle

And it can also help change lives


You eyes are to precious to be bruised

JESUS didn’t create you or your body to be used

LOVE does have it’s limits

Be smart and put your foot down, stop being fooled

Your heart is your core, it deserves more

All of this your going through, YOU DON’T DESERVE

This poem is written and for ANYONE in a unhealthy situation. Let it be a marriage, relationship, friendship or within self. Many of us females beat ourselves up for the craziest things like our weight, looks or bumps! None of us are PERFECT! So we shouldn’t beat ourselves up or let someone else do it to us. DON’T LET A MAN OR WOMAN HURT YOU IN NO SHAPE OR FORM! Only you can remove yourself from this situation. When GOD gives you the STRENGTH TO GET OUT, GET OUTTTT! I love you and so does those close to you. Its not worth the pain their putting you through, I promise!




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