UPDATE [11.19.2010]

Hello Readers,

    I’ve been busy as usual with school and work but the past week I did posted two poems “Let’s Be Real” and “Courage”. Today I posted “Breaks My Heart” as well as “You Don’t Deserve”. I wanted to give more background on how I started writing this update. Well I started writing because of a friend and one of my many mothers of mine, Ms. April. She told me if I can’t verbally express myself to someone then just write it down. I have diaries from when I was younger and until this very day I write in my diary. But I write from my own experiences, life and those in my life as well. I’m motivated to let my voice be heard. I’m human just like everyone else but I was given a talent with writing. I’m not too specific on the kind of poetry I write I’ve never had any actual writting classes. I just go in my room and write what’s on my mind. I write for those who can’t and for those afraid to say something. I love to see others smile and making people laugh. I am looking to write a few books to share my poetry to the world because I have so many poems. I’ve been writing since I was 13/14 years old. I was on punishment alot when I was in middle and high school so I ended up writting almost every night in my diary which because my poetry outlet. I truly want to take my writing career to the next level. I’ve always wanted to be able to open a camp for teenage girls to build confidence and teach them to love themselves….ANY RACE. Me being an dark skin girl I’ve experienced many up’s and down’s. I wasn’t always confident in myself but I have gained that confidence. So opening a camp as well as after school progams for children I wanted to do as well. Kids these days in the inner city do not have activites to do or anywhere to go. So opening two or three after school enters first I do wish to do. Helping the communites come together and helping the next generation I can’t wait to do. This is my passions writing. I’m sharing this with the world because I’m not scared anymore of my deepest moments and what’s really on my mind. If I can spare a life, help someone through a tough time or inspire someone I’m content. We need more motivators and encouragement to buil stronger human beings. That’s my aim. I’m only one person but I pray before I leave tis earth I’ll touch many lives.



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