Break My Heart

For every child who goes without a meal

For every child who has not clothes

For every child who listens to their mother getting abused

For that child who has to cry themselves to sleep

For that little girl who can’t call herself BEAUTIFUL

This is for you…


Do you ever think about those who don’t eat?

Yet you complain about what’s being cooked for dinner?

There’s kids who have to drink dirty water to survive

But you take water for granted

Stop being so PICKY and selfish, appreciate what it being provided

Ungratefulness break my heart


There’s a girl/boy who is scared

There is someone touching them inappropiately

Someone talking to them sexually

And not old enough to even know themselves or their bodies yet

But yet already sexually active

Not by choice but forced…breaks my heart


School is a learning enviorment

But there’s a girl/boy who doesn’t want to go

Someone is bullying them or making fun of them

Afraid of being harmed, told on or harrassed

So they remain silent

Bullying needs to end, it breaks my heart


There’s a girl who doesn’t look like the other girls in her class

She’s a little chubbier

Her hair is not as long

Her skin is darker

She believes she’s unpretty, it breaks my heart


While everyone is giving up their goods

She’s saving her womanhood

Dudes call her every name possible

Because she won’t let him slide into her

She know’s her worth

They steady calling her a b”tch, breaks my heart


He hits her everyday

Black eye, swollen and a knot on her forehead

She’s afraid to be alone

So she puts up with the abuse

Deep inside she wants out but herself is stopping her

If she knows her worth she’d leave, breaks my heart


Lowering her standards to have a man

He makes her feel he’s the best thing she’ll ever have

He black mails her with her past

She’s left before but keeps letting him back

He cheats EVERYTIME and he has no job

NO MAN IS WORTH be littling yourself, breaks my heart


People are in these so called “relationships”

Don’t trust the one they’re with

Claim to love this person

No trust equals NO RELATIONSHIP

You steady cheating on each other

Why be together? That’s not love! Breaks my heart


You sleeping around with her and him

You got an STD

Not aware of your STD

Scared of the truth

When your willing to lay be willing to get tested

Self love goes a very long way, believe that, breaks my heart


Soceity has lost concepts that are VERY basic

Love, self-love, confidence, self-respect, respect and unity

Everyone is so judgemental, materialistic and self absorbed

Afraid to stand for something or fall for anything

We’re all human at the end of the day


You can’t be so selfish you can’t feel for someone?

You can’t be so selfish not to be able to tell her she’s beautiful?

Think about others for once when making desicions

Stop complaining about small stuff when your circumstances could be WORSE

Stop taking your body, life and BEAUTY for granted

It’s a damn shame man or sit down, breaks my heart



I wrote this because I hear so many people complaining or taking someone or something in their lives for granted. I was getting highly annoyed and I can’t not say something about this because your life could be worse. Yes life is NOT PERFECT. People, emotions, situations and LIFE is real. You can’t live in a fairytale life. You must look at yourself before judging someone else and you can’t be selfish. Life is just to short to be so ignorant, selfish, immature and all about SELF when so much is wrong with society. We have to take casre of each other and we have to care about each other. Love those around you and make sure they’re well. Don’t just only think about YOU, YOU, YOU ANNNNND YOU! There is no I in TEAM.




  1. Stephanie · November 20, 2010


  2. Kevinia · November 21, 2010

    Wow this deep…you’re really growing in your writing keep it up!

    • dreya07 · November 22, 2010

      Thanks!!!!! I’m trying! Keep the feedback coming!

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