Let’s Be Real…

Let’s Be Real…


I got some thoughts running through my head

I got some things on my chest

People got so many judgements

People are so freaking hypercritical

People are insecure

Now it’s time to call them out

Now it’s time to shut them up

It’s time to be real…


It’s 2010..

Nobody in the WORLD is perfect

People are committing adultry, teens are having sex, teens are bisexual and society just can’t digest the harsh reality

Before you utter an opinion on someone’s else life or pass judgement

PLEASE take a look in the mirror

Your past and probably your current is no where near CLEAN

Are you looking over your shoulder every 5 minuets?


Today’s generation is very sexually active

Protective sex? Um not really, maybe some

Teen pregnancy is at an all time high

Why? Lack of parenting? Communication?

Reasons vary

But one things is certain

Do something about it or SHUT UP!


These days parents want to be kids friends

That’s where parents go wrong!

You can be their friend but YOUR THE PARENT FIRST!

On that note, you must be alert

Be in their lives, communicate with them and don’t surgar coat anything

Discuss things that you wouldn’t sex, pregnancy, STD’s and  protection (birth control)

Reality is HARSH

Things that are preventable, prevent them!


What’s going on with marriages?

Where is the love?

The lack of trust, communication (again) and compatiability levels are terrible

Respect for one another, doesn’t exist

Love was once real, now it’s a fairytale

Genuinely caring and loving each other has gone down the drain

Are gold diggers taking the shine away?

What’s really going on?


Accepting one for who they are, is hard for some

Bisexual, lesbians and/or gay

They’re still human beings

Having a different sexuality from socisties “NORM”

Shouldn’t change how you view them

You love them regardless because at the end of the day they want love

Just like you and I, they deserve it just as much

Only difference is they want the same sex


Sexual Transmitted Diseases


Some have symptoms and some DON’T


Unless your married

You should be using a condom

You rather be safe than sorry and even when you’rer married be worried



Life has a harsh reality

But we have the power to make change

You make your own choices

We can choose our battles

Don’t tolerate just anything from just anybody

Stand for something or fall for anything

If you don’t want others to judge you, don’t judge others

And that’s real…let’s be real


I wrote this to enlighten people of what’s going on. To fill the void everyone wants to avoid because it’s too much reality for them. Life is not easy nor a joke so we must be alert, active and aware of things going on with others around us and with ourselves. People don’t care like we use too and everyone is for themselves. You can’t be ignorant these days. Be educated and be pro-active. Think before doing because those few minuets could spare your life!




One comment

  1. Devin · November 15, 2010

    This was def real and very tru… you couldnt have said it better!

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