She’ll Hurt You Again…

From all that I’ve been told

By you and my resources

I can’t understand, why?

Why love her?

She cheated on you

She clearly can’t trust you

Exploring your phone like it’s her own

It’s a sad situation

But it’s true once a cheater, always a cheater

She doesn’t understand the concept of LOVE

The heart is the strongest part of us

She took yours for granted

Why put your heart in her hands, AGAIN?

I’ve been in your shoes

But I got tired of being and playing the fool

Honestly, so should YOU

Your love, heart and soul it’s worth more

Just watch out, honey bun

She’ll hurt you again….

A guy I know or should I say am going through plenty of situations with loves a girl who has hurt him constantly and I just don’t understand why he loves her. No matter how much history, there’s no amount of pain that is worth loving someone who just doesn’t get how to love or how to give love. Once someone hurts you, its a wrap…but like I said in the poem…watch out honey bun<3


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