See You Again<3

The day one of these angels passed

Was the day a peice of my heart was taken

When I look at the world around us

I pray your legacies is remembered

Each memory of you is a mental sticky note

It’s a note I promise to never let go

This poem is the hardest I ever wrote


Prior to moving to Virginia

I was told so many things about you

You were my aunt and I was anxious to meet you

Moving down to Virignia was hard

But you were easy to talk to, helpful and kind hearted

I grew very close to you, soon as we got even closer , life was taken from you

Aunt Nadine, I can’t even express how much I miss you


I only met you a few times but each time you made us laugh

From word of mouth you were a character, I guess that’s where I get it from

You were young when life was taken away

Your funeral, I remember the whole thing

Tears came instantly

Although few memories because I was young I miss you

Cousin Derrick, REST IN PEACE!


Growing up I remember my dad taking us to see you

You had taken Neicy in to live with you

My dad felt you needed help so we’d visit every so often for quality time

We always ate good, joked and had fun

Two weeks  before you passed you told me…

“Cuz it’s not where your from; where your headed? That’s the question”

I was quickly touched by what you said. the wisdom was quick;y taken into consideration

My heart still ached thinking of you, I miss you ALOT, cousin Elaine Livingston-Crudup<3


I idolized you to the maximum

When you died my heart, world and soul truly stopped

I studied your life, voice and music

Understanding your lyrics

Regardless of the critics or antics

Your babygirl. the TRUE PRINCESS OF R&B

Aaliyah Dana Haughton, my idol<3


From what I hear you were the strictest father

But the outsome of your structure

Has made this family better

I’m sad because I never got to meet you

But I hear that I look like you and my love for music

I carry from you

Emmanuel Richardson, we miss you!<3

I wish I could of met you

My father I believe carries your genes

The CRUDUP’S has loved us with open arms

Sometimes I think about how it would be

To finally see Henry Lee Crudup

Henry, you shall always be missed and REST IN PEACE!


Everyday I think of at least one of the above

They all have one thing in common

All of them showed love and gave love

But in spirit I can feel their grace

I love who they’ve helped me become so I can only love them back

One day I will see each of you and one day I’ll



Writing this poem I shedded tears because I miss all of these people even my grandfathers who I never met. Much has changed because they are gone and I felt like I needed to write this poem to shed light on those lost because these individuals has helped shape the person each of you love and care about (me) lol…REST IN PEACE





  1. lashan · September 10, 2010

    Cuz I love this poem it brung tears to my eyes

    • dreya07 · September 10, 2010

      Thanks Shauny, I wrote it for me and everyone else who who loved Elaine! And those in that poem!

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