It’s not just about me<3

I’m on a mission…

Not just as a singer, writer and graphic designer

But as a woman who has experienced life

There are girls, teenagers and adults

Who need empowermentn, wisdom and a friend

Somewhere it has to begin


We’re looked down upon

Myself and my sister out of all her grandchildren

Have encountered much pain and unecessary drama

But we’ve came along way

We have a foundation of family, friends and supporters

My mission is more than me…


I’m a woman of standards, morals and values

Mind, body and soul

I will up hold them no matter who tried to disrespect

It won’t be easy but it will be worth my while

Sharing my knowledge, wisdom and love

My mission is more than me…


Touching somebody’s life

Encouraging someone to not give up

Giving advice to encourage someone to better themselves

Placing a smile on ones face

 Letting that girl know about to cut herself, I love her

That’s my mission


I don’t want females feeling insecure

I don’t want females devaluing their bodies

I don’t want females to feel alone

We all are humans, we all fall down

My mission, my success, my story…

It’s not just about me<3




  1. Stephanie · November 16, 2010

    U are wise beyone your years cousin!! Keep writting! Keep doing what you are doing! I support you 100%! You keep it soo real & I likes that! Thats why I fuccs with you!!….my dirty mouth!

    • dreya07 · November 20, 2010

      Thank you I’m trying cuzzo! I love support so keep showing it!

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