In My Skin…

I’ve always felt there’s a dislike or bias for dark skin

My motto “The darker the berrier, the sweeter the juice”

TUPAC said it best, don’t you agree?

Personally I accept who I am

I’ve accepted my GOD given skin complexsion

My black is beautiful

Regardless how anybody feels

I love, embrace and flaunt this skin


Some may think dark is scary

Some may think dark is ugly

But my dark, my skin and my black is amazing

No longer will you make me feel shamed

Take me as I am and for who I am

You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to love it

I tell you one thing though, you will respect it (me)

In my skin


I’m comfortable in my skin

I can now say I LOVE MY SKIN

As a adolescant I battled it

Always questioning “is dark skin pretty”

“Why can’t I be light skin”

I’ve grown out of that, I love it now


Dark skin woman ARE BEAUTIFUL

I’m carrying the torche for the dark skin females

Let people know it’s not all about your skin


Feeling good about myself

Having the confidence

Looking at my skin as a blessing and not as a negative

Loving myself for who I am

People don’t have to accept me or love me

Long as I have GOD by my side, I will be who I am and embrace all that I am

You can’t break confidence

I’m comfortable IN MY SKIN


WHEWWW this poem just makes me feel good! I want all skin colors to embrace themselves. But I’m talking from my own experience and from a dark skin female perspective. I’ve struggled with loving my skin color and I truly embrace it now. I love my skin and I wouldn’t trade it even if given the oppurtunity because GOD gave me my skin and I embrace every inch of it lol!


One comment

  1. Amber · September 11, 2010

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

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