Wish You Luck [7.29.2010]

It’s taken a long time to get this point

My mind had accepted we couldn’t be

But it’s taken my heart some time to see

Now that it’s more clear and everything has balanced

My heart can come back to where it’s supposed to be

That’s here in reality


I fell deeply for you

Certain things you said, made me feel

I thought for once someone was on my level

But once I landed I saw for myself

You weren’t ready for the grown and sexy

I had to see, feel and know for myself


You are YOUNG

Life has yet to show you the things I already know

Your maturity can’t compete with mine

And I was naive to believe it could

But we all play a fool sometime

Karma is a bitch. boo…you’ll find out soon


I truly care about you

You have many talents

I still am your #1 fan

Talent can never be taken

Keep your head up

I wish you nothing but LUCK!


Anyone who have been keeping up with me lately know who this is about.

This is how I’m feeling still…


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