GROWN [7.29.2010]

I think there’s alot of confusion when this word is used

It’s used out of content

The wrong people think their “grown”

Men and woman or should I say

“Boys and girls”

Mentally and mentality has with FINANCIALLY

This is what GROWN is…


You pay your OWN bills

You make your OWN decisions

You do what you want on your time

You don’t depend on “others” for NOTHING

Everything is done by YOU

Not worried about everyone else and their problems

Grown people, do grown thing

It’s nothing childish about being GROWN


Many claim to be grown

But don’t even pay their own cell phone bill

Or can’t even buy their own clothes

Struggles pay check to pay check

If you still in the process please don’t claim this title

Being an adult is serious business

Your on top of your game



I really had to take it there with this poem because I felt people were using this word way to loosely!

The understanding was being blown out of proportion and just UGH!

Hope ya’ll enjoy this!


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