Within the last two weeks my family have encountered situations where we just get attached by people who are suppose to be “family”. It’s sad because my family is known to help each other and be there for everybody even those who is not blood; we take in. It truly hurts to know that people who is “blood” and who are related can treat you so cold. It’s truly sad and it breaks my heart BUT honestly at the end of the day their not family. If you can be so cold, bitter, disrespectful and shameful towards the ones who had your back when nobody did then you never was family. You don’t hurt family because their going to be there at all times good or bad. Thats what kills me about these crazy random situations is that regardless of what has happened in the past we’ve taken them in and tried to forgive and forget. But like I said they not family. You can’t claim everybody as your family. Just like you can’t let just anybody in your house. People are crazy, disrespect ful and rude these days. There is so much hurting and pain in this world because people don’t know “respect”, they don’t know “love” and its not what it’s suppose to be. Sometimes I wish we could go back into time when people respected each other and appreciated each other because this generation is shameful. I’m 21 and I believe I got an old soul. And I’m glad because I appreciate the past and what it’s blossomed into here in 2010. But some things I can do without and family who can’t act like FAMILY I truly can live wthout. I’m done with those who can’t respect my family and friends. I’m not claiming people who don’t need to be claimed….[STAMPED]




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