Try Me

Too many times people want to test me

Test my patience, kindness or my heart

I’m not who I use to be so hate it or love it

I’m gonna say it regardless

You don’t come close to a lady of my stature

I’m in my own lane

I’m not competiting because I make my own rules

My confidence is that fierce


I walk with my head high

I make goals

I have standards

I’m not one of those “out to get your man” type of girls

Or “Okay I’ll play seconds” kind of  lady

I’m truly one of a kind

I flaunt what I got

If I don’t like something, I change it

Don’t like me?, GOOD!

Less to worry about, bye

I really don’t have time to please you, him or her

Aim at my pedistal if you want too, you win’t win



I was pretty heated in the moment I was writing this poem. I just wanted someone to talk to me wrong

Or just say something STUPID! Because I felt some kind of way and I wanted to be the DIVA that I am.

It annoys me when someone just try to be little someone, tell me what to do or hate on me

It just sets me off like no other. This poem is for anyone who has haters and feels the same way I do…..



Love, Peace and Honesty!


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