That Place

Real love that’s worth keeping andf fighting for

Damn it’s hard to find

Someone who can say the words


Not only speak it through their mouths but physically show it through their actions

When asked to “let go”, your body physically shuts down

Starts shaking, heart is racing and you become numb

You get so weak

Weak in your knees, you can’t speak and you can’t walk


A simple ” How are you?” seems to brighten your day

A hug can boost your spirits

A text that says “I love you baby”

It makes youe heart melts

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in this place

But when I look at his pictures

Or he texts me randomly

I’m his, no questions asked!


When you can look in his/her eyes and see your world

He tells you he’s not going nowhere

And you know he’s not lying

I’m talking about the place where youe heart is the most comfortable

Your heart doesn’t have to second guess

You know it’s for real

Your heart he won’t have to chase

Because you already in that place



Love, Peace & Honesty!


My thoughts were really at work with this poem and my emotions were really trying to come out.

I have so much Im thinking about and so much Im feeling inside.

Writing is my only outlet.


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