What Is Love? (Love what is it)…

                              What Is Love? (Love what is it)…

                        If you ask anybody, you will receive a different answer to what love is

                           Love is an emotion that’s shown through ones actions

                                 Actions speaks louder than words…

                         But each journey and experience causes different definition of love


                         Is love when you change your life for the one you love?

                            When you move from one state to another to be with them not knowing if will last?

                                     Is it taking physical abuse?

                                   Is it taking verbal abuse?

                           Or how about knowing your spouse has a friend that’s more than a “friend”

                                But because you love them you say nothing?

                          Or you lie to cover up something which will hurt that one you “love”?

                        Love is something that’s felt deep within; that’s genuinly felt when pure

                                 Love has no limitations….

                     If it’s real as one claims it’s unconditional

                    Does love change due to sexuality?

                     If your bisexual? Lesbian? Gay?


                     No, love is love; no boundaries

                 It’s felt when the one you love comes around you


                                  Goose bumps….

                   A feeling down your spine; chills down your spine

                        Especially if he’s wine fine

                       When you look into that persons eyes….

                         You can see yourself

                            You can see your soul

                        You can feel your heartbeat speed up

                       Your body overcomes any pain, anxiety or tiredness

                           All because of ones presence


                            Your words that you had in mind

                            Oh that’s no more, they come around


                                   Is love when you have sex?

                                  Some would argue the act of sex could justify you love them

                                    But sex is an act; not love

                          Is love when you let one go and they come back?

                                 They say “Love never hurts”…

                         But nobody’s perfect, people make mistakes

                         Does that mean Love is pain?

                      Depending on who’s eyes your looking through

                    Love is defined differently

                So I Ask…

              What is Love?



I wrote this because its been somethign that’s been on my mind for awhile.

Everyone is on the hunt to find love and feel the warmth of love.

It’s an amazing feeling when your in love.

But an harsh reality when that one is no longer in your life

To me there is not a definition for love because evryones definition is different.








  1. Kevinia · April 21, 2010

    Wow! Seems like you have a lot of experience in this subject too huh!

  2. dreya07 · April 23, 2010

    Love is something I am VERY passionate about. So I was feeling some kind of way while writing this poem.

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