This is For You…[Dedicated to my honey bun]

This Is For You


What you mean to me is something special

At a time in my life, you allowed me to open up

I shared things to you I’d never share

Although very young, I sensed a level of maturity

Ever since I can’t seem to shake you

With you I feel some kind of security….


We argue, goof around and share private thoughts

We;re in two different states

But you emotionally attactched me

To be come unattach myself seems so hard to do

Your honesty captures me and your words make love to me

Your embedded in my thoughts daily….


You have hurt me, yes once

But nobodies perfect

You have much to learn and experience

I care so much for and about you, your future and your life

Lovers or friends I will always love you

I don’t care what the next thinks


I’m determined to meet you

I must thank you for listening to me

Even today you are here for me

Your someone special to me I’m looking forward to getting to know you more

 and grow a lasting friendship with

Nobody will understand our relationship…


But honestly everything is not meant to be understood

There’s a peace of mind I find with you

I can speak my mind, without judgement

Anytime of day you got me

And you best to believe it babyboy I got you

I’m not letting go….


As long as your heart is at peace

Your mind, body and soul is at comfort

No pain or harm is being caused

Love is pure, genuine with NO strings attached

I’m happy as well

This is for you my honey bun…my “BCJ”


*Side Note*- This poem is for someone in my life who I have alot of respect and love for.

No matter what goes down in my life he’s there to talk to and I know he will listen.

He’s kind of my comfort zone and I appreciate everything conversation.

I adore him and I think he’s an maturing, understanding young gentlemen…much love babes!

Love, Peace and Honesty! ❤



  1. Devin · April 20, 2010

    Like This One!

    • dreya07 · April 23, 2010

      Well u kno the situation so u already kno lol…thats my babe as much as he bugs me!

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