Red Light Special.

 Red Light Special…

I’m a lady in the streets as well as a freak in the sheets

The bedroom is an area I speciality

Long as you make sure I gets mine

Boo you best to believe I’ll make sure you get yours

I’m a woman with needs

I have no room to tease

From your head to your tose

I’ll give it to you right or not at all

My aim is to please…


Lights on or off

Baby I’m yours

No shame, the whole time I’ll keep your whole body entertained

Give me your hands, lay your head back and relax

Let me drive while you relax your mind

Let your manhood and my pearl find its own grind

Touch my hips

While I caress your lips

By the end of thie session, I’ll have you singing contagious


We’ll be knocking boots till 6 in the morning

We’ll go from late at night to the early morn

I’ll have your mind blown

Your smile on your face will explain it by the expression shown

I’m a freak, I told you

Now let me show you

You’ve had your share

But honey you haven’t had it like this before

All it takes is once, I’ll have you hooked


Step into the red zone

Where nobody looks out for their own

But aim to please each other

This is not just sex, this is a competition

I bet I can make your toes curl before mine

Your spot, I’ll do whatever it takes to find

This ain’t for kids

This is for the grown and sexy!

This is that Red Ligh Special


Sexd is one of my favorite topis to discuss among mature people who can hold a decent conversation about the topic.

My imagination and real life situation did inspire this poem.

I had fun as well with writing this poem because I know many people who can relate to this.

This is for my mature people, who know what I’m talking about.

Enjoy this!

Tell me what you think!

Love, Peace and Honesty! ❤



  1. Kevinia · April 21, 2010

    Lol! very freaky, but it fits you and watch your spelling on some of these but keep up the good work. Nice!

  2. dreya07 · April 23, 2010

    Yea it not just me though, I believe there are plenty of woman who has this part in their body or in the back of their minds especially someone who is in a relationship because in today’s generation sex in top priority, lol but I’ll edit these soon to make it professional. I was rushing to post but THANKS!

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