I’m NOT Afraid.

 I’m NOT Afraid

At one point I was afraid to be me

At one point I cared about how people felt

At one point I didn’t want to be different, I wanted to blend in

That has all come to an end


I know who I am

I’m dark skin

I’m thick

I’m strong, a survivor, a believer and a DIVA


I sing, write and design

Music is my passion; without it I go stupid!

I’m a Christian

He died for me; I’m not afraid to praise HIS name


I’m a heterosexual

I am proud of my sexuality

I’m a woman with woman with woman needs

Not afraid to make it known


I’ve realized everyone has opinions

As well as people are judgemental

But nine out of ten they NOT perfect!

I’m not afraid to say it!


You can’t please EVERYONE

People need to be comfortable in their own skin

Stop being judgemental





Alot of times people are scared to do alot of stuff because of what others may say or think.

But you one get one life to live.

If you want it get it, be who you are!

If you don’t you won’t get where you desire to be.




  1. Kevinia · April 21, 2010

    you show a lot of growth and maturity in your poems and writings, you have a little wisdom too…who knew! Lol! Keep it up! you’re going places….and just watch some of your punctuation, spelling, and typos.

  2. dreya07 · April 23, 2010

    THANKS! I’m a maturing person who never stops only keeps trying to evaluate my life to make my life even better and realizing what matters and what doesn’t, its wisdom!

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