I’ll make her history…

 I’ll make her history

We talk day in and day out

She still going through puberty

But baby what you need is a real woman

Someone who can be comfortable in her own skin

She’s thousands of miles away

Trying to control whom you conversate with

But what exactly is she conducting up there?

I’m about to place the cards, rude boy

She’s not the one for you

I promise by the end of this I’ll make her history


We’ve had our scabbles

I’m a threat; it’s written in between the lines of each sentence of her text messages

If she was taken care of home

I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be worried about me

She’s all over my facebook

For what?

She may dig too deep and get her feelings hurt

See I’m a woman while she still taking baby steps

I’ll open up her eyes

Because I’m bout to make her history


You broke up with her

Clearly your trust with her is not strong

Where as here with me you already know what it is

You don’t need someone insecure

Going through your text, phonebook and etc

If you with her 100% of the time

If you with her at night

If not with her; at least on the phone with her

What’s the insecurity for?

Guilt on the conscience, that will kick your ass


All I’m saying is if you want go from the little league to the big league

If you want a woman instead of a insecure girl, CLEARLY

If you want real love instead of puppy love

Babyboy, the history you’ll share is exactly that HISTORY

She’s old news and clearly your sex appetite is incapitable to hers

Your a freak babyboy

You need someone who can satisfy your hunger or surpass it

Say goodbye to the little girl

Say hello to a real woman

I’m about to make her history, bet ❤


I had fun writing this joint! I like a challenge and some of this is true and some I just strectched to make it sound good

But I do feel like he can do better in a female besides the one he was with.

She is NOT the one, I can feel it in my bones lol

It doesn’t even gotta be with me…but he does need a grown ass woman in his life.



  1. Kevinia · April 21, 2010

    Wow! How do you really feel. This shows your dark side but its neat.

  2. dreya07 · April 23, 2010

    I was feeling some kind of way most definetly! Its not a dark side, I’m just stating how I felt and its exactly how I feel…I’ll make her history, I jus need the chance to do so lol. I’m bad I know…lol

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