Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love

These emotions I’m going through in my life I feel is hard to define

All I ever wanted is someone to be mine

Words and things you tell me are amazing

I never felt for a guy like this ever

You make me happy

You make me laugh

You make me shine

You were once mine


Every tear that I cry

Makes me want to deny

Deny that I love you; deny that I care for you

Deny that I want you or ever needed you

This pain you slapped in my face

Really makes everything worse

Damn, it’s not so nice

What does it mean to you?


If I ever meant anything to you

Why won’t you let me love you?

Why can’t you just tell me, why?

It’s like you never fucking cared

It’s not fair!

How come I love you?

How come I’m crying for you?

How come I care for your ass so much?


No matter how hard I try, I still love you

No matter how hard I try to deny it

I want to be with you

No matter how much I cry, I’ll do it all again

It seems like no matter how much

I love you, care for you, ride or die for you, want to be with you

You won’t give in

All I can do is cry and hide


But I hate you because you’re everything I want and love

The amount of love I have for you is

Limitless and timeless

But, I call it unconditional love


Wow I rmember writing this and I was deep in love with my 1st love to be exact his name was Alan.  But I was feeling it when

I wrote this poem and the words are very true. At this time in my life I wanted to get any attention I could and love him

The relationship means alot to me still because I learned much because of him.

I realized I deserved more, better and a soldier! Lol, but this is a favorite of mine!


[s/n]: I think every girl wants unconditional love and willing to give it long as its being received!


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