Spread My Wings…

Spread My Wings

I feel like I’m being held back

By fear, pain and opinions

How they feel can mean less

The criticism is just hard to digest

Many situations in my life I’ve learned from

Many people in and out my life

Tears, lies, arguments, he said and she said

Plenty times of being mislead

So many wanting to put me to bed

But instead I used that thing GOD gave me called my head

Plus, I know I’m just not that type of girl

The tears I’ve shed

Have cured this broken heart

And honestly my soul wants a new start

Past full of misery

This has been haunting me

I’m not a negative person

So many try to get in my head

Change who I am

Change my lifestyle

Make me out to be someone I’m just not

But, they never got me

GOD always protects me and keeps my heart first

Makes it clear that I can move ahead

Only few know who I truly am

And I cherish each of them and love them

I’ve changed who I am

Glad that I am who I am

And my heart is on the fence

Because it’s been going against

So many liars, cheaters and heartbreakers

But, I’ve made amends

I followed my heart

I follow the MAN UP ABOVE

I’m stronger and ready to do what I got to do

The pain I once knew

I want to undo but it’s done

And I can’t undo

So, I’m going after something new

A new life

A new plan

A new me

Go against the odds

And spread my wings!


I wrote this at a time in my life when I was figuring out who I was, who I wanted to be and who I wanted to be friends with.

I cut alot of people out of my life after this poem. And I most definetly did spread my wings.

I know myself and I know what I want…I’m still spreading my wings!

It’s apart of life.


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