Being Who I Am.

Being Who I Am

I never got what I wanted

Always had to strive to get what I wanted

I take a look at everyone around me

I start to feel invisible and alone

Being a girl with dreams is very hard

I begin to feel as if I’ll fail at my dream


All I want is to be a unique girl

I don’t want to be looked at differently

Everything seems to be what the “society” wants

Everyone has to be a size “2” or “1”

What about if everyone is a different size?

I have dreams of making my own album


With no opportunities, support, or help will it happen?

I sing day in and day out my talent is pure

Can I sing? Hell yes, I’m sure

Do I want to succeed, yes

Do I think I can succeed, yes

Do I get a chance to show, my talent, NO!


I have dreams of meeting Beyonce

I admire this diva HIGHLY

Beyonce is a positive person

I look at how people criticize her and talk about her

Honestly, we have much in common

Beyonce to me is strong


I admire her for doing her and never giving up

At night I sit and think about everything I want

I loved Alan and I still do

The fact that he changed hurts me

I don’t care about how people take the fact I still love him

Alan understands me and even though we’re not talking


I know he still does understand

We remained friends but, I still had feelings

Almost 2 years, I can’t just give

I think he’s worth it and I care so much

When it comes down to it I make my own decisions

I know how I feel at the end of the day


But, I can only take so much

Crying because of fear of failure and losing people

I truly get tired of it

I think I’m different and I am

I just don’t need people downsizing me

I know how I look


I know how I feel

I know what I want

Till I get what I want

I won’t stop dreaming

I won’t stop wishing

I won’t stop PRAYING


All I can do is pray

My skies are gray

But, talking to GOD is my only way

But, I’m only human

I am who I am

Being who I am!


Ohhhhhh weeeeeeee yeah I was in my zone on this one!  But this poem is very true.

I work hard regardless what it is I have to do to get what I want without going against my values.

I keep GOD first and I stand my ground. I’m alot stronger than what I was when I write this.

But I enjoyed writing this one! I hope you like this too!


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