My Rock. [1st poem I’m posting!]

This poem was written February 3, 2010 just thinking about what I want in a man. Hopefully you’ll enjoy!

My Rock

When I think about what I want in a man

It goes deeper than you average man

I want the whole package

Respect, honesty, a friends and a real ass man

A gentleman who knows he’s a soldier

He’ll give me love lead by his hand

His ground he can stand

He’ll know the real definition of a man


I won’t have to tell him to do anything

He’ll already know what to do, how to do it and when

Giving me time one on one will be like second nature

Being there for me regardless who’s around

No matter who’s around he’ll show his affection

When I’m down his words and actions will lift me up

To be with me yeah; he’ll do pretty much anything


Looking in his eyes will erase all my worries

When I’m in his arms, I’ll shut the world out

So that the focus will be between me & him

My heart won’t have to be afraid to give in

My soul can finally feel sincerety

The journey we’ll take will be daily

He;ll be my man, my soldier and my rock


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