My grandmother Johnnie is my second mother that has molded me into the young woman that I’ve grown to be and still growing into. This poem is dedicated to her:

Since day one you’ve helped raise me

From my first steps to my associates degree graduation

You have been my motivation, push to be the best

No matter my mistakes you’ve been here for me

The strongest, bravest and Christian woman I know

Always caring, sweet, honest and determined

All the values you and my parents have instilled in me

I can do anything I dream that is what you have made me see

You’re thr rock of our family, anyone would agree

I’m not afraid to talk to you or cry in front of you

I can be me in front of you

I love you, even love is an understatement

Because words could never explain the love and concern I breathe for you

Any success I have I owe to you and my family

I hurt when I know your not feeling well

It’s hard to know when your in pain

When I look at you, I see courage

Your so fearless

I admire you for it

In my heart, soul and spirit I will carry your values for my lifetime to pass down

For you I’ll do it all

The heart of my thoughts is you

With this poem, values in my life and the wisdom you speak

There will be nobody EVER able to replace my lovely GRANDMA!

Written: January 25th, 2010

Dedicated to my Grandmother Johnnie



  1. Kevinia · March 29, 2010

    I really like this poem. I can relate to it cuz I feel the same way about my Grandma. This is a very loving poem. good job!

    • dreya07 · March 29, 2010

      Awww thank u! Yea my grandmother is my heart…I wouldn’t be who I am without her!

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